'˜Armed police' attend incident in Mercer Row, Louth

At least three police cars containing '˜armed police' briefly blocked off Mercer Row in Louth this afternoon (Friday).

Police cars leave the scene in Mercer Row this aftenoon (December 9).

Staff at nearby business premises said that the police cars turned up and blocked off the street near the junction with Upgate shortly before 1pm today - and armed police officers left their vehicles and entered a nearby building.

The nature of the incident is has not been confirmed at this early stage, although a Lincolnshire Police spokesman told the Leader that the officers may have been “effecting an arrest” in the area.

While crowds gathered in the street, the police officers promptly returned to their vehicles and left the scene without comment. Eyewitnesses told the Leader that they did not see anyone else get into the vehicles other than the police officers.

There have since been further eyewitness reports of similar police activity in the Park Avenue area of Louth.

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