Arrest warrant issued as man fails to turn up

A MAN facing child and animal porn charges is to be arrested after failing to show up for court.

Richard Bugg, of Campbell Street in Gainsborough, was due before magistrates in Kirklees, West Yorkshire, on Thursday 30th August.

They issued a warrant for his arrest after he blamed a cancelled train on his lack of attendance.

Bugg faces 21 charges of making an indecent image of a child at an address in Huddersfield on or before 6th October 2011. The girls allegedly involved were aged between three and 15.

Bugg is alleged to have had 3,067 level one photographs, one level two photograph, 11 level three photographs and three level four photographs.

Bugg, 37, is also charged with 10 counts of possessing an extreme pornographic image involving animals.

He is alleged to have had 65 of these images in his possession. They are described as grossly offensive, disgusting or of an obscene nature.

Bugg was due to appear at the Huddersfield court to be committed to stand trial at Leeds Crown Court.

His solicitor Carl Kingsley asked magistrates to grant a brief adjournment because Bugg’s train from Gainsborough had been cancelled.

Mr Kingsley asked magistrates to ‘give him the benefit of doubt’ and adjourn the case. But Alex Bozman, prosecuting, said: “I don’t have a great deal of knowledge of the train system, but if one was cancelled he could have got here by mid-afternoon.”

Magistrates issued a warrant without bail.