Artist has new vision following eye procedure

After undergoing laser eye surgery following years of deteriorating eyesight, a Sleaford artist is reaping the benefits of her clearer vision.

Sleaford artist Rachel McAndrew. EMN-170127-102611001
Sleaford artist Rachel McAndrew. EMN-170127-102611001

Rachel McAndrew, 32, from Sleaford, was struggling with her severe-shortsightedness which was affecting both her work and enjoyment of her art.

She decided to have the laser eye surgery at Optical Express in Nottingham.

Rachel said: “Before the surgery I wasn’t noticing some of the mistakes I was making or areas I could improve on that I can see straight away now.”

Following the surgery, Rachel has put pen to paper to create her latest piece, Clarity, which pays homage to her new and clearer vision.

Rachel said: “I was so pleased with the results of my surgery that I had to draw inspiration from it.

“I’m already seeing improvements in my work and I’m dedicating more time and effort to take it to the next level.”

Chairman and chief executive at Optical Express David Mousdale said: “It’s great to hear that Rachel is enjoying her new-found clear vision.

“Judging from her latest piece, she really does have an eye for art.”

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For more of Rachel’s art work, search artbyrachelrose on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.