Author's crime novel published on Amazon

An author from Helpringham has published a political crime novel which touches on subjects such as '˜Brexit', austerity and the housing crisis.
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Writing under a pseudonym, author Robin H Toolheader’s first novel takes inspiration from his own life and the people he met along the way.

The book, entitled ‘The Bedford Party’ has been published on Amazon - in both its digital Kindle format and in print form.

“Many of the story lines I used are based on people I have known in the past and many are now dead,” said ‘Robin’ - who asked The Standard not to name him, saying that if he used his real name some of the characters and storylines may be traced back to people he knows or has known in the real world.

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“I have always been a strong believer that nobody should speak ill of the dead as they can’t defend themselves and they would have had to answer to God for any of their mistakes on earth,” he said.

‘Robin’ spent much of his life living in the Bedford area and it is here where the fictional events take place.

The book is described as ‘a thought provoking crime thriller where the world of politics and crime unite’.

The synopsis reads: “Ex-prison counsellor Lucas Payne is ousted from the job he loved by the advent of a new governor. He also loses his beloved wife to breast cancer after she was refused a new drug due to its cost.

“These two shocking events within months of each other anger Lucas who decides to seek revenge by forming ‘The Bedford Party’. Recruiting ex-inmates enables him to pull off this daring heist.”

Sample chapters of the book can be viewed for free by visiting the website for The Bedford Party.

The book is priced £1.99 for the Amazon Kindle version or £7.45 for the paperback.

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