Autism funding row resolved

LEADERS of an autism support group say they are ‘relieved’ to have been granted funding by Gainsborough Town Council.

In September last year Gainsborough Autism Parents Support Group applied for £1800 to pay for fun days and swim sessions for autistic children and their families.

But the item has been repeatedly deferred on the agenda for Gainsborough Town Council meetings, causing frustration among group members.

But on Monday the town council’s Management and Finance Committee finally decided to help the group, pledging £600.

“It’s not as much as we hoped but we are grateful all the same,” said Paul Rodgers, co-founder of the autism support group.

“It will allow us to hold events through the upcoming school holidays up until September.”

Committee chairman Coun Paul Key said: “I think it is a very good organisation and you do deserve some money.”

“But I would like to suggest we ask the district council if there is anything they can contribute from any of their community funds.”

Helen Foster, whose son is autistic, recently spoke about the funding delay in the Standard.

She said: “I’m just relieved we have managed to get it sorted and we have got some money. It has been going on so long, it was nice to hear it finally discussed.”

A funding application from former Coun Sean Brennan for Gainsborough Adventure Playground (GAPA) was also discussed by councillors.

They decided not to uphold the request considering Mr Brennan’s resignation from the council.

“This does not stop it being brought back in the future,” said Coun Key.

“GAPA is a great facility for children and I would like to see if we can help them along with the district and county councils.”