Bargain Hunt couple can finally celebrate victory - and will donate cash to Air Ambulance

After months of keeping the result quiet, Louth couple Tina and Steve Grant-Brown were finally able to celebrate their Bargain Hunt victory last week after their episode was broadcast on BBC One.

Tina and Steve Grant-Brown.

The ‘Blue Team’ couple - who are donating their £85 winnings to the Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance - not only won the show with a profit, but also claimed a rare ‘golden gavel’ after earning a profit on each and every one of their three selected items at the big auction.

Remarkably, Tina and Steve’s opponents - the ‘Red Team’- also made profits on all three items and earned a golden gavel too, in what Steve believes may be a first for the long-running show.

Steve told the Leader: “It was nerve-racking being stood there with the presenter and hearing that both teams made profits, and that both teams got a golden gavel - you don’t know who has won.

“But once they said we had won, it was just like ‘Yes!’

“Before then, to be honest, you don’t know what the other team has bought so you’re pretty much 50/50.

“But we were reasonably confident that we had a fair chance of winning.”

Steve added: “We are not antique experts by any stretch of the imagination.”

Tina and Steve won the show with profits on an antique perfume bottle, an LNER guard’s lamp, and a glass bonbon jar with a silver lid.

Steve said: “It’s quite strange to see yourself on television. I didn’t realise how much I was yapping all the time!

“If I had the chance I would do it all again, it was a fantastic experience.”