Bassetlaw: Dentists set to rebel against fee increase for patients

Dentists are set to rebel against their own regulator to maintain NHS dental services for patients in Bassetlaw.
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The General Dental Council (GDC) has plans to increase compulsory fees for all dentists by 64 per cent.

Dentists fear the increase will lead to reduced access to NHS dental services for patients, as well as considerably increasing the cost of private treatments.

Dentists in Bassetlaw also believe NHS dental clinics could be faced with longer queues and waiting times for appointments.

The GDC will now hold a conference for the first time in history, on Friday 5th December, for a debate about the protection of patients and dentists in Bassetlaw.

Jason Wong, spokesperson for the alliance of local dental committees said:“We believe that currently the General Dental Council does not understand the very profession it regulates, and is putting access to dental services at risk.

“That is why we have taken the exceptional step of calling a special conference to speak up for our patients and protect access to dental services.”

Mr Wong also believes that under its new leadership by people with little or no understanding of the profession, the General Dental Council seems to be more interested in building an empire than protecting its patients.

He added: “The General Dental Council has failed to properly consider the alternative options to this punitive fee increase.”

“This includes encouraging more local resolution of disputes, which could save money, time and maintain services.”

“It would also be beneficial to our patients.”

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