Bassetlaw: District council voted in favour of election system changes

Bassetlaw District Council has voted to change its election system and will move to whole council elections from May 2015.
Bassetlaw District Council, Queen's BuildingsBassetlaw District Council, Queen's Buildings
Bassetlaw District Council, Queen's Buildings

This means that on 7th May and every four years after, all of Bassetlaw’s 48 District Councillors will be up for election.

This is opposed to the previous system of electing a third of the council each year over three consecutive years.

The decision was made at an Extraordinary Meeting of the Council on Thursday 5th March following two public consultations on the issue.

Of the 41 councillors present, 40 voted in favour of whole elections.

Stephen Brown, Head of Corporate Services at Bassetlaw District Council, said: “This decision has allowed the council to modernise its election process and bring it in-line with the rest of the County.”

“It also means that we will be able to start implementing savings immediately.”

“While adopting a whole council elections process will bring with it significant savings, an estimated £150k over five years, this change also has a number of benefits for both the electorate and the council.”