Bassetlaw: Dylan, 12, gives up his summer holidays to work at food bank

A 12-year-old boy has given up his free time during the summer holidays to help out at Bassetlaw Food Bank.

Dylan Longbottom, of Masefield Place, Kilton, attends Outwood Academy Valley and has joined the dedicated team on Lowtown Street.

The youngster has been working four days a week, for a total of five hours a day to help prepare and deliver free snack meal packs which are being distributed to children who usually receive a free school meal. It is part of a four-week scheme run by Notts County Council.

Dylan, who will be a year eight pupil in September, said: “I am really enjoying my time helping out in the Bassetlaw community. All the staff have been very helpful and friendly.”

Local businesses have backed the scheme with Greencore Sandwich Factory in Manton having provided 300 sandwiches a day and Morrisons in Worksop donating fruit to go in the snack packs.

Allison Palmer, Bassetlaw Food Bank co-ordinator, said: “Greencore will have provided around £100,000 of sandwiches across the four weeks when the scheme ends.”

“So far the demand has been high, we are delivering around 120 meals a day and the numbers are contuining to rise everyday.”

Dylan volunteered for a week earlier in the year and is now planning on staying at the food bank for the whole of the six-weeks summer holidays.

Allison added: “He has been helping pack the snack meals, making posters and showing us his computer skills.”

“The youth of today get a lot of bad press for sitting in their homes on the Xbox during the summer.”

“They are the workers of tomorrow so it is important they get some experience to put on their CV.”