Bassetlaw: John Mann only Notts MP who voted to halt fracking

John Mann MP has voted against the leadership of all major parties and supported a ‘moratorium’ on fracking – making him the only Notts MP to do so.
John Mann MPJohn Mann MP
John Mann MP

The Bassetlaw MP commented: “This week I voted to halt fracking until we have had a full, independent assessment of the risks and benefits.”

“ Whilst I have an open mind on fracking, I can see no reason why it should not be put on hold until we have more evidence.”

“Then local people should be able to decide whether they want fracking in their area.”

“The debate on fracking itself was a farce. The Tory Minister, from Hastings, refused twelve times to let me ask her why local people shouldn’t have the final say over fracking in their area.”

“One fracking planning application has already been turned down in Bassetlaw and IGas is currently exploring the possibility of fracking in Misson. Due to its natural resources Bassetlaw is likely to be at the forefront of attempts to frack which is why I have been pushing for a moratorium on fracking and for local people to decide whether it should go ahead.”

The motion to introduce a moratorium fracking was voted down in the House of Commons by 308 to 52. A separate motion calling for fracking to only go ahead under tighter controls including an environmental assessment did pass.