Bassetlaw: Mann pay-freeze motion not supported by fellow MPs

Bassetlaw MP John Mann has been given the cold shoulder by his fellow members on the subject of MPs’ pay.

Bassetlaw MP John Mann
Bassetlaw MP John Mann

Only nine other MPs have so far signed up to support Mr Mann’s Early Day Motion 863 to keep MPs’ pay in line with the freeze on public sector pay rises of one per cent.

The motion was tabled in response that MPs should receive an 11 per cent pay rise.

Since the motion was tabled many MPs have commented that the recommendation was wrong, but a few have actually signed up to support Mr Mann.

“It went unusually quiet when MPs’ pay was mentioned at Prime Minister’s Questions and very few MPs have as yet backed my motion to freeze MPs’ pay,” said Mr Mann

“I urge them to not just pay this issue lip service, but to act by supporting this resolution.”

“It is ludicrous that at a time when public sector workers have had their pay increases frozen, MPs should be given a whopping increase.”

“MPs’ pay should rise in line with public sector workers. Anything more sends out the message that MPs are out of touch with the rest of the country, and are not prepared to live by the rules they set for their constituents.”