Bassetlaw: MP backs decision for an independent investigation after a secret list of intended pits closure

Bassetlaw MP John Mann has backed a parliamentary resolution which calls for an independent investigation following the revelation that Thatcher’s Government had a secret hit list of 70 pits that it intended to close – a fact that the Cabinet at the time vigorously denied.

MP John Mann held a two-day inquiry into drugs and alcohol use in Bassetlaw, 10 years after he launched a major inquiry into the heroin epidemic across the district. Pictured is John Mann MP (w130131-1d)

The Bassetlaw MP, who had his telephone tapped in 1984 whilst fundraising for the families of striking miners, has added his name to Early Day Motion 918, which currently has the signatures of 22 MPs.

John Mann said: “I have been no fan of Arthur Scargill, but it turns out that he was right when he said that the Government had a secret hit list of 70 pits that it intended to close.”

“The Government of the day lied to the country.”

“The recent release of Cabinet papers relating to the strike proves not only that the list existed, but that the Government plotted to bring in the armed forces to battle the miners and their families.”

“This deception now needs an independent investigation, which is why I have today backed the parliamentary resolution which will reveal the truth of Thatcher’s campaign to destroy mining communities.”

Parliament are requesting a full independent inquiry into the then Government’s handling of the 1984-85 miners’ strike and why it was claimed that the National Coal Board were intending to close around 20 collieries but it has now been revealed that the figure was actually more than 70.