Bassetlaw: Northern Rail fare changes to affect South Yorkshire commuters

Off-peak train ticket holders will no longer be able to use rail services at peak times on weekday evenings.
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The changes will take effect from Monday 8th September and will mean that customers who currently use off-peak tickets during the evening peak will have to plan their journey either earlier or later, or buy an anytime ticket.

Local Northern Rail services through South Yorkshire stations will take on these new rules.

Richard Allan, commercial director at Northern Rail said: “The majority of customers who travel at peak times, such as those with season tickets and Travelmaster products, will be unaffected by these changes.”

The changes could also mean that trains during this busy period are less crowded.

The plans have been made after the Department of Transport asked Northern Rail to look at reducing subsidy as part of their new franchise agreement. This change will be used to reduce the cost of the railway to tax payers.