Bassetlaw: Police looking into UKIP ‘forgery’ allegations

John Mann says it is ‘shocking’ to hear that police are looking into claims that a UKIP council candidate in Bassetlaw ‘forged’ signatures on his nomination form.
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Mr Mann, who is hoping to be re-elected MP in Bassetlaw on Thursday 7th May, made claims on social media at the weekend that names on Michael Lowe’s nomination form for the East Retford South ward on Bassetlaw District Council included a former Labour councillor and three Labour supporters.

And earlier this week, on Tuesday 28th April, Mr Mann made a second claim on Twitter that there was ‘another allegation of UKIP nomination forgery in Bassetlaw’.

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“The allegations are now with the police,” Mr Mann told the Guardian.

“It is shocking to hear of such allegations, it is astonishing, it is a very, very major allegation.”

Notts Police said the claim against Mr Lowe had been referred ‘for consideration’ and officers confirmed to the Guardian there was no change this week.

David Scott, UKIP candidate for Bassetlaw in the General Election, said: “Everybody in UKIP takes these matters very seriously.”

“If the case is proven we will take swift action.”

Also standing in the Retford East seat is Bryn Jones, Conservative; Helen Richards, Labour, and Carolyn Troop, Labour.