BBC project comes to the Isle to capture unique oral history

Capturing North Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire in conversation will be the BBC's Listening Project which is coming to the Isle later this year.

The project is due to visit Epworth, on the High Street next to Galerie des Fleur, between September 11-15

A spokesan said: “This is a great and rare chance for you to tell your story in conversation with someone you know and have it recorded for posterity.

“Your conversation will be archived in the British Library and Hull Library Services to create a unique oral history of life in Britain for future generations. It could even be played on BBC Radio 4 and BBC Radio Humberside. Life, loss, passions, work, friendship or relationships, what you talk about and whom you choose to talk with can be entirely up to you. Either way, a BBC producer will work with you to get the most out of the experience.”

To get involved contact tour producer David Reeves [email protected] or on 07701 318159.