Be on the lookout for cannabis farms

Private landlords who let out residential properties across Derbyshire are being urged by police to check they are not being used to grow cannabis.

The warning comes as part of Derbyshire Constabulary’s campaign to encourage people to be on the lookout for signs of cannabis farms in their area and report suspicious activity.

Steve Holme, the force’s leading expert on drugs, said: “Criminals often set up these large cannabis farms in rented houses or flats and the damage they cause is absolutely shocking.”

“In a short space of time they can tear the furniture out, gut the whole place and have cannabis plants growing in every single room.”

“What many landlords don’t realise is that, if their residential property is used for this criminal activity, they might not be able to claim for any damage on their insurance, which leaves them with a massive bill once the farm has been discovered.”

The signs of cannabis farms to look out for include constantly covered or blocked off windows, strong and constant lighting, equipment such as lights, fertiliser and cables being moved out of the property and visitors at unsociable hours.

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