Be proud of your Notts roots! Help see off Estonian challenge to Euro title

Nottinghamshire’s iconic Major Oak has already attracted over 2,000 votes in its bid to conquer Europe - but needs YOUR vote to see off a strong challenge from an Estonian rival!
The Major OakThe Major Oak
The Major Oak

The tree is one of the front-runners in the public contest to find the European Tree of the Year.

But there is stiff competition already with Estonia’s entry from Orissaare leading the way with several thousand votes in the first three days of voting.

Now Nottinghamshire County Council hopes that the Major Oak which already has around 2,000 votes, can get the whole country behind its bid having already lifted the England title.

Robin Hood, aka Steve Warrington, has exciting duels with the Sheriff of Nottingham under the Major Oak at the annual Robin Hood Festival each year. He said: “You can mention the Major Oak and people instantly think of Robin Hood. I don’t know of another tree that is celebrated like it. There is so much history connected to the tree and Sherwood Forest and I hope everyone can get behind the campaign.”

The legendary ancient oak within the heart of Sherwood Forest has borne witness to some of the most romantic tales and gripping events in its long, glorious and colourful history.

It has stood firm through two World Wars, countless other conflicts and withstood everything that Mother Nature has thrown at it over the centuries. Legend has it that it was the famous hideout for Robin Hood and his Merry Men to hide from the Sheriff of Nottingham.

To place your vote in the competition visit between February 1 and February 28.

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