Belton residents urged to fight for pub’s future

A former Belton woman is calling on villagers to rally round to save the doomed future of a derelict pub.

Last orders looks set to be called on the historical Sir Solomon on King Edward Street after a planning application was submitted for its demolition by Matt Ltd Gherd and Nim Mattu.

The pub has stood empty for a number of years and has been subject to vandalism and fire since it was last used commercially.

Maureen Jackson, 65, who now lives in Scunthorpe, contacted the Bells after reading about the proposal, she has already written a letter of objection to North Lincolnshire Council.

She said: “That pub has been there for as long as I can remember.

“I think it’s scandalous to knock it down after all these years.

“It would break the previous tenant’s hearts if they knew. It’s a shame. It’s ludicrous to say the least.”

She added: “It should be restored to its former glory, everyone wants a pint! I’m sure it would do well again.

“We used to have fantastic times in the pub.”

And she called on Belton residents to follow her example and write to North Lincolnshire Council voicing objections over the application.

One letter of objection has already been received at North Lincolnshire Council from a neighbouring resident who said: “The Sir Solomon public house is one of the few remaining historical buildings left in Belton after the recent destruction of the Old Station House.

“It seems unnecessary for another nine new dwellings in Belton when there are already so many new builds sitting empty in the village.”

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