Biker clocked at 101mph on a 30mph residential street

A motorcyclist clocked at riding at speeds of more than 100mph on a 30mph residential road has been spared an immediate jail sentence.

Timothy Simon Draycott, 40, of Meden Crescent, Sutton, was spotted by police overtaking vehicles and ‘doing wheelies’ as he rode his powerful 1,000cc Suzuki along Coxmoor Road.

Road traffic officers had been on duty when Draycott came past just after 6.30am on the morning of August 12 heading towards the A38.

Using speeding equipment, Draycott was clocked travelling first at 57mph, then 74mph and 91mph before reaching 101mph.

Outlining the case for the Crown, David Miles said the street is a mixture of residential and industrial units.

During an interview with police he admitted it was him on the bike, but could not give an explanation saying it was a “moment of madness”.

The magistrates were told that Draycott had a string of previous court appearances dating back to the 1990s, including a driving-while-disqualified conviction in 2008 and dangerous driving in 2007, for which he received a custodial sentence.

Mitigating, Chris Perry said his client had not been in trouble in recent years.

He added: “He has made a considerable effort to grow up, he did not set off that morning to throw all that away.

“This really was a moment of madness and not typical of his behaviour in the last eight years. Five seconds of his life is destroying what he has built up. These are powerful machines that are built for speed, and there’s no greater risk than to the rider.”

He told the magistrates that Draycott could face losing his job with a road sign company if he was banned, and would certainly be fired if he ended up behind bars.

In a letter penned by Draycott and read out by Mr Perry, he told the court : “I’m disgusted and ashamed.

“I have no explanation to my actions whatsoever.

“I can’t believe I have been so stupid.”

The magistrates handed him 18-weeks’ jail, suspended for 12 months, banned from the road for 18 months and made to pay £345 in costs.

The magistrates told him: “The fact you are not going to prison immediately is because in the last seven years you have tried to sort yourself out.”

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