Birds are being trapped in netting used to protect Louth Town Hall building

A Louth pet shop owner has expressed her disgust after finding two dead birds trapped in netting used to protect the listed town hall building from damage.

Two dead pigeons have been discovered caught up in netting which is used to protect Louth Town Halls sandstone building.

Megan Johnson,(19), who owns Potty About Pets in Mercer Row, was alerted to the incident by one her customers, who came in very upset after seeing what had happened to the birds.

Miss Johnson told the Leader: “As a big bird lover, it’s so cruel and horrible to see that pigeons are getting caught up in the netting at the town hall and dying because they are getting stressed and don’t know how to get themselves out.

“I am so passionate about wild birds, and putting net up like that is the most barbaric method.

“Pigeons get such a bad name for being dirty, but they are not like that. I feel like if it was a more magnificent bird, they would have done more to get them out.”

Louth Town Hall’s chief executive, Andy Howlett revealed the netting was initially put up there by the district council, who owned the building previously.

Its purpose is to protect the historic building’s sandstone from the birds faeces, which can cause damage.

Mr Howlett said: “We are aware of the situation and are looking for a solution, which will either be to remove the netting and find another way to protect the building from pigeons, or replace the netting.

“Although at the moment, we are struggling to find a local business that can help us, as I am told we may need to shut the road off to sort the netting out.”

Mr Howlett added that for the time being they have made holes in the netting where they can to for the birds to escape if they get in.

He also said they remove any dead pigeons they can get to, but that some areas require ladders/scaffolding.

Miss Johnson added that she appreciates Mr Howlett’s position, but is after a solution as soon as possible.

She added: “Something needs to be done.

“All I care about is the pigeons and they shouldn’t be left up there dead, and still caught up in that netting.

“It’s really not nice for people to have to see.”

Mr Howlett is keen for something to be done, but needs help.

He said: “We are continuing to try and find a solution that will stop the pigeons from suffering, and to protect the building.

“If there is any local company which has the answer, or think they could help, we would ask them to please contact us as soon as possible.”

Miss Johnson has also now set up a petition to Louth Town Hall to get them to remove the netting, and at the time of going to press, already had nearly 300 signatures.

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