Birds proving to be a popular attraction at Tattershall Farm Park

If you are obsessed with all things owls, hawks and falcons - then look no further than Tattershall Farm Park for the ultimate experience.

Falconry experience at Tattershall Farm Park.
Falconry experience at Tattershall Farm Park.

The multi award-winning attraction first started offering falconry experiences in October last year - and with the warmer months approaching, visitors have been ‘flocking’ to meet Head Falconer Amy Coldron and volunteer Aiden How.

Amy, 29, joined Tattershall Farm Park in October, and said it’s her ‘dream job’.

Amy said: “I’ve been working with birds for five years.

“I started out volunteering for a local birds of prey centre which provided falconry as a day service for adults in care and became a bit addicted to it.

“The volunteer placement was part of my university work experience hours - I graduated from Lincoln with BSC Hons in Animal Management and Welfare.

“My first bird was Rupert who is an imprint peregrine falcon - I would take him to the beer garden with me so he would get used to being around people.”

Amy and Aiden look after and care for 18 birds including Soap MacTavish - a Gyr Saker Falcon; Delta - a Gyr Saker falcon; Peanut - a common kestrel; Scamp- an American Kestrel; Mr Daisy- a Turkey vulture; Elvis - a great grey owl; Shiver - a snowy owl; Luna - a barn owl; Hank: a burrowing owl ; Bruno - a Goshawk; Lilly - a harris hawk; Sam -a harris hawk ; Bomber - a harris hawk; and Archie - a European eagle owl.

Amy and Aiden also look after a breeding pair of sparrow hawks and tawny owls.

Visitors to Tattershall Farm Park can enjoy an up close experience for one or two hours - suitable for all ages.

Amy said: “We have a varied display team of native and non-native birds which includes hawks, falcons, owls and a vulture.”

Born and raised in Lincolnshire, Amy has plans to expand the collections of birds.

She said: “We’re hopefully adding a raven and an eagle to the team this spring too.”

“Our aim is to teach people about all aspects of falconry and birds of prey and conservation through twice daily displays (Wednesday to Sunday), falconry experiences and school visits.

“I literally love my job and want people to be able to experience falconry and learn about birds of prey in a safe and engaging way.”

There is even more excitement at Tattershall Farm Park, as the attraction has just been named Best Farm Park in the UK in The Adventure Awards 2019.

Owner Marie Scott said: “It was a category voted for by our visitors and we were up against some huge farm parks that are much bigger and more widely visited than ours, so we are really proud of our business and our team.”

• Staff at Tattershall Farm Park have been enlisting the help of the public since last Thursday after Delta - a Gyr Saker Falcon - went missing.

After our press deadline today (Tuesday) Head Falconer Amy Coldron confirmed that Delta had been found and is back at Tattershall Farm Park.

Staff would like to thank everyone who shared the appeal on Facebook and messaged in with possible sightings.

• See next week’s Horncastle News for an update on Delta.