Booze ban for Gainsborough pub after police fears over drugs

A Gainsborough pub has been banned from selling booze because of the amount of drug use at the venue.
The White Hart, GainsboroughThe White Hart, Gainsborough
The White Hart, Gainsborough

The White Hart Hotel, on Lord Street, has had its Alcohol Premises Licence revoked by West Lindsey District Council due to major concerns over the management of the pub.

OA hearing was held on May 12 in front of the council’s Licensing Sub-Committee.

After hearing all the evidence they agreed with the police that the premises had been undermining the licensing objectives, with regular drug use being associated with the venue. Police also found that the premises were operating in breach of their licence conditions on a daily basis.

Sergeant Kim Enderby, from the Alcohol Licensing Team, said: “We first visited the premises in July 2015 with the drugs itemiser. This is a machine used to test surfaces for traces of drugs.

“The readings indicated that drugs were regularly being used in the venue.

“We attempted to work with the owner Sharon Hopkinson to resolve the issues identified. Despite our intervention the concerns in relation to drug use associated with the premises were not resolved.

“We also identified that the premises were in breach of a number of conditions on their premises licence and were also serving after hours.

“The committee accepted the police argument that Hopkinson, despite being a person with experience of running Licensed Premises, had failed in her responsibilities.

“They believed the most appropriate and proportionate decision in the circumstances was to revoke the licence. This decision sends a clear message to all Licensed Premises, criminal activity in our licenced premises will not be tolerated, operate responsibly within the law or face the risk of sanctions and ultimately the loss of your licence”

There is a 21 day appeal process and if no appeal is submitted then the revocation comes into action.