BREAKING: Burglar jailed after raiding homes in Louth and Sandilands

A burglar raided a house while the 87-year-old occupant slept unaware of what was happening, Lincoln Crown Court was told today (Monday).

Ryan Peel.

Ryan Peel smashed kitchen windows to get into the property in Crowtree Lane, Louth, before making off with bottles of wine and beer. He also took a purse containing cash and some paperwork he removed from an unlocked safe.

Phil Howes, prosecuting, said the woman who lived at the house woke at 5.30am to find she had been burgled.

He said: “She discovered a forced entry to her premises. Two windows in the kitchen had been smashed.”

Peel, who was on licence after being released early from a jail sentence imposed for a previous house burglary, went on to raid a second property in Sea Lane, Sandilands.

Mr Howes said the family who lived at the house were out during the day and returned to find their home had been burgled by Peel.

“They found glass all over the floor. A paving stone had been used to smash a window.”

A number of items were taken including an iPad, a tablet computer, a Kindle Fire and a watch.

Peel was arrested for the offences on May 6, and immediately confessed to police.

The court was told he had 20 previous convictions for 49 offences, including four previous convictions for house burglary.

Peel, 29, of Freeman Street, Grimsby, admitted two charges of burglary as a result of the incidents on April 27 and May 3.

He was jailed for three years.

Recorder Mark Rhind, passing sentence, told him: “You have a very poor criminal record with many offences of dishonesty.

“These are serious matters. There have been long term effects on your victims. Clearly a substantial custodial sentence must follow.”

Jonathon Dee, in mitigation, said that since his release from his most recent jail sentence Peel had struggled to deal with his addiction to alcohol.

He said: “He indicated to the police that he wanted to go back to prison because he wants to detox. He wants to get off alcohol.”