BREAKING: David Kirk's family speaks out after Samantha Ayres is jailed

The family of David Kirk have spoken out following the sentencing of Samantha Ayres, who was jailed for three years this morning (Wednesday).

David Kirk died following the collision last year.

The family’s statement reads: “The 7th of November 2016 changed so many lives. We lost a wonderful man, a loving husband, son, brother and the most caring father Alyssa could have wished for.

“David was killed in the collision with Mrs Ayres, it wasn’t an accident as the evidence has shown it could have been avoided by simply driving with proper care and attention.

“As a result of the driving of Mrs Ayres our family now has to live with this tremendous loss. Alyssa had just turned one when her daddy was killed, she has her whole life to live without her daddy. As a family we all talk about David with Alyssa and she will know what a wonderful man her father is but she will not have any genuine memories about him.

“People say time heals but we all wake up every morning with the same pain we felt the day it happened, hoping it was a horrible nightmare and then having to go through another day without seeing David’s cheeky smile or hearing his voice. Time does not heal; we as a family are just learning how to hide our true emotions and the heartache this has caused.

“We understand this is a hard time for Mrs Ayres’ family and their emotions are high, but we would appreciate it if they could keep their opinions to themselves and not concentrate their anger on our family. We as a family have had enough to deal with without being made to feel that we are in the wrong.

“No sentence will ever bring David back, but to know justice has been served brings a little bit of closure to the family.

“This result is because of the actions of Mrs Ayres, and she will be returned to her family when she has served her time, our family will not get David back. There is a justice system for a reason and every action has a consequence.

“This case has had a lot of interest from the press due to the devastating impact it has had on the friends and family of David, and the way the collision occurred. In time we will be willing to give further statements to help promote the awareness of bikers, the importance of driving safely and the impact using hands free devices while driving can have.

“However at this time after sitting through the trial and hearing all the evidence, we would appreciate time to process all of this as a family.

“Finally, our family would like to take this opportunity to thank Lincolnshire police and the CPS for the work they have done, and the support they have given us through this tragic time, in particular, PC Godfrey Barlow, DC Julie Bevan, and a special thank you to Sergeant Rob McCracken, our Family Liaison Officer.

“Rob has helped our family so much during this horrible time, by keeping us informed and supporting us throughout the last year and during the court case.

“The time Rob spent helping our family through the liaison service is voluntary, it takes a special person to work with bereaved families in this way. We cannot thank him enough. He is a credit to the Lincolnshire Police and most of all his family.