BREAKING: Final list of candidates revealed for Louth & Horncastle

The deadline for the nomination of candidates for the upcoming general election passed at 4pm today (Thursday), and the full official list of candidates battling for the Louth and Horncastle seat can now be revealed.

A ballot box
A ballot box

As previously reported, Victoria Atkins is the Conservative Party candidate for our constituency. She won the seat with a majority of almost 15,000 at the previous general election in May 2015, and she will hope to repeat her success on June 8.

Louth Town Councillor and campaigner, Julie Speed, will be contesting the seat for the Labour Party, while Boston Borough councillor Jonathan Noble will be putting up a challenge for the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP).

Liberal Democrat Lisa Gabriel, from Lincoln - who contested the seat back in 2015 - will also be standing again.

The same applies to the Official Monster Raving Loony Party’s Peter Hill (‘The Iconic Arty-Pole’) from Great Carlton, who has thrown his top hat into the ring once again.

Further details about candidates and polling station locations can be found at: