BREAKING NEWS: RAF Coningsby Typhoons intercept Russian bombers

Typhoon fighter jets from RAF Coningsby were launched yesterday (Wednesday) to intercept two Russian bombers.
A Typhoon fighter jetA Typhoon fighter jet
A Typhoon fighter jet

According to reports, the incident took place over the English Channel as the bombers - which have a nuclear capability - flew close to Bournemouth.

Typhoons were also launched from RAF Lossiemouth in Scotland.

The jets escorted the Russian Bear bombers out of the region.

It has been reported that the jets flew so close to the bombers, they could signal to the Russian pilots.

It is believes they tracked the Russian planes for around 30 minutes.

Experts said the bombers could have been testing the reaction of RAF defences.

It is the latest alert for crews at Coningsby with Typhoons also being scrambled last October to track another Russian bomber.

The reports highlight Coningsby’s vital role in Britain’s frontline defences.