BREAKING: North Thoresby man jailed after stealing from 92-year-old Alzheimer's sufferer

A North Thoresby man who stole from a 92 year old Alzheimer's sufferer was today (Tuesday) jailed for eight months at Lincoln Crown Court.
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John Davey was caught out after paying a £425 cheque drawn on his victim’s bank account into his own account.

Leanne Summers, prosecuting, said that that Davey stole the cheque from the woman and altered it so that it was paid to himself before writing her initials on the document confirming the change.

Within a fortnight he tried to cash for £520 a second cheque drawn on the woman’s account but that was blocked by the bank.

Miss Summers said that Davey also tried to use the victim’s bank card at a cash machine in Grimsby but the card had been cancelled the previous day and it was swallowed up by the machine.

She told the court that police were called in by the woman’s family who were concerned about money going missing.

Miss Summers said: “The defendant was arrested. He said he had met the woman round about November of last year and helped her with her shopping. He said after that he often checked on her in her house. He denied taking any money and denied cashing her cheques.

“He was shown CCTV of him using her card at a bank in Grimsby but denied it was him.”

Later Davey changed his story and said the money was a gift from the old lady.

Davey, 33, of Ludborough Road, North Thoresby, admitted two charges of theft of cheques.

He also admitted charges of fraud by false representation and making an article for use in fraud.

Judge John Pini QC, passing sentence, told him: “These offences were mean and you targeted this lady. Quite what motivated you to behave in this way is unclear to me.

“What is deeply concerning is that for reasons best known to yourself you deliberately targeted this vulnerable 92 year old woman and helped yourself to her money.

“This case has to be met by a short but immediate custodial sentence.”

Dermot Hughes, in mitigation, said that Davey had no previous convictions and any jail sentence would be catastrophic for him.

He said: “He lives in a small community and he has attracted huge shame on his family. His parents are mortified. They are fully supportive of him whilst acknowledging his offending is very serious.

“He is not criminally sophisticated. He didn’t need the money. He has his food and lodgings provided for him.”

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