British Legion branch in desperate need of support

A Royal British Legion branch is in danger of dying out and folding within the next few month unless new members come forward to pick up the reins.

The Heckington branch of the Legion was formed in 1921 when the movement started up and has existed continuously ever since.

However, branch chairman Mike Warrington warned that it was now down to just 17 members - just two above the minimum seen as viable for a branch - and they are set to lose two more members are leaving imminently and so its future is in doubt.

Mr Warrington said: “We don’t want to lose the branch, but there are only six members that can regularly attend the meetings once a month in the sports pavilion which they allow us to use without charge.”

He said: “The rest are too old or infirm. It is young blood we want. I don’t know what is stopping those from the forces living in the village from coming forward, but you don’t need to be ex-services to join and support the cause.”

He said there are only two branch members fit enough to organise the Poppy collection in Heckington, Helpringham, Little Hale and Great Hale. They also organise the Remembrance Sunday service with the parish council.

If the branch closed its duties would be absorbed by a neighbouring branch but many are in the same predicament of falling membership.

Mr Warrington said that Help the Heroes, a fantastic cause, helps to fund and build new homes, hospitals and respite dwellings for personnel, but it falls to the British Legion to maintain and run these facilities and so the ongoing support is needed, especially with the relevance of recent conflicts.

To find out more you can go along to a meeting on the third Tuesday of the month or contact Mike Warrington on 01529 460607 or Mike Bryer on 01529 461831.

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