Brrr! Isle residents endure chilling times . . . and all for a worthy cause

Scores of people across the Isle have embraced a chilly fundraising challenge that is currently sweeping the nation.

Mike Harm completes the ice bucket challenge in aid of Teamverrico
Mike Harm completes the ice bucket challenge in aid of Teamverrico

Starting off in America in July this year, the ice bucket challenge has been the quickest spreading charity phenomenon on social media, and sees people who have been nominated to participate pouring a bucket of ice and water over themselves.

They are then asked to donate to a charity of their choice and nominate someone else to take part.

And over the last few weeks the fundraising craze has hit Epworth and the Isle of Axholme, with hundreds of fundraisers rushing to get involved.

Isle MP Andrew Percy helped to kick things off last week when he stepped up to the fundraising plate, following a nomination from an Australian politician.

Mr Percy took part in the ice bucket challenge in aid of MacMillan Cancer Support and the MND association, the latter being a charity close to his heart due to his uncle dying of Motor Neurone Disease.

Speaking after the challenge, Mr Percy said: “It’s a great way of raising the profile of MND in particular and of raising funds.”

“I’ve donated to both organisations and so have family and friends. I hope others will take the challenge too.”

He was nominated by Australian senator, James McGrath, and in turn has nominated Peter Levy, Hull North MP, Diana Johnson, his neighbour Sean Wood Jr and local media organisations including the Epworth Bells

Epworth Bells content editor Chris Page responded to Mr Percy’s nomination and took part nocturnally in the challenge on Wednesday.

He also donated money to Macmillan Cancer Support, and in turn nominated friends Mark Witty and Mark Scarr.

Chris said: “We were more than happy to accept Ice Bucket Challenge - what cooler way to support charity and highlight causes”

The charity challenge initially started off with the intention of raising money and awareness for the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Association and its British equivalent, the Motor Neurone Disease (MND) Association, but people taking part have also begun to pledge to other charities.

Between August 22-27 the MND received £2.7million in donations, and Macmillan Cancer Support has also raised £3million from donations over the last month.

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