Bullied boy taken out of his school

A MALTBY schoolboy who became one of the first children in the country to receive compensation after being bullied has now been taken out of school.

Concerned mum Stacey Winfindale removed her son Jed, and his brother and two sisters, from their schools, as she claims bullying has escalated in recent weeks.

She has also written to the Prime Minister and Education Secretary Michael Gove outlining her worries.

The Dinnington Guardian reported last month that 13-year-old Jed was awarded a four-figure compensation sum after an attack at Maltby Academy.

He said he suffered nightmares and flashbacks after being hit by a pupil wielding a wooden drawing board.

Mrs Winfindale says that all four of her children are now being targeted by bullies, and she will not return them to the classroom until the situation is dealt with.

“Jed was getting bullied by two children at school and they’ve now decided to start winding my daughter up as well”, the 37-year-old said.

“Family members of the bullies are also following all four of my kids to school. It’s got totally out of hand and nobody’s willing to do anything.”

Both Jed and his older sister Chloe, 15, have now been removed from Maltby Academy for an indefinite period.

Their younger siblings Caitlin, eight, and Benjamin, five, have also been taken out of local schools.

Mrs Winfindale said: “My children will not be going back to school until they’re safe.”

“The bullies are friends of the bully who hit Jed. He’s been removed from school and, after he was removed, they started giving Jed a hard time. The school isn’t doing anything about it. They say nothing has happened.”

David Sutton, Principal of Maltby Academy, said: “The academy has clear policies and procedures in place to deal with all instances of bullying and anti-social behaviour.”

“There are an extensive range of student support structures within the academy and across the Maltby learning community to meet the needs of all students.”

“In this particular case the academy has communicated regularly with the family and responded appropriately to all the allegations made. The priority for the academy is to safeguard all our young people and therefore we feel it inappropriate to comment further on this matter.”