Cabinet system is scrapped

NottS County Council has approved plans to change from a leader and cabinet system to a committee system.

County Council leader Coun Kay Cutts said the committee system is the ‘most democratic and transparent’ form of governance.

She continued: “It ensures all 67 councillors elected by the public play a role in decision-making and shaping the policy of the council. It ensures greater transparency as no decisions are made behind closed doors – all decision-making meetings are held in public.”

The new system will come in to effect from the council’s annual meeting on 17th May.

The Localism Act, introduced last November, gives local authorities greater freedom to decide for themselves what system of governance they want.

Authorities with a population of 85,000 or more had to change from a committee system to a leader and cabinet or mayor and cabinet system in 2000.

Under the present system at the county council, decisions are taken by council, the cabinet or its individual members, and in some cases by officers.

The committee system will involve all decisions being made by committees rather than individuals with the exception of day-to-day operational matters.

Committees will be made up of councillors from all parties to reflect the political balance of the authority.