Caistor's Chris finds talent for writing after stroke

A stroke can change your life, but for Chris Dale it has brought out a hidden creative side for the businessman, who has become an author.
Author Chris Dale EMN-160611-205624001Author Chris Dale EMN-160611-205624001
Author Chris Dale EMN-160611-205624001

It was in the summer of 2014 Chris, then 60, suffered a rare and debilitating stroke, which affects the back of the brain.

He spent weeks in hospital and was forced into semi-retirement.

However, while he was in hospital he started writing down his experiences.

“In three weeks I had written 14,000 words,” said Chris.

“There were only about 10 words on each page, as my sight had been affected.

“I had to also undergo a lot of speech and language therapy, as I could hear what people were saying, but couldn’t express myself – so writing was very important.”

Since then he has got the writing bug and is about to publish his seventh book in just 12 months.

“It has filled my life,” said Chris.

“The stroke has left me physically, but not mentally, deflated.

“There are times in the afternoon when I can’t do much, but I can sit and write – it is good fun.”

The book idea came from a group of friends, who challenged Chris to write and publish a book based in Australia – and his first novel Crimson Love was born.

Since then the books have flowed, including an autobiography about his childhood home of Peru.

“It is good fun and as long as I keep getting the ideas, I will continue,” said Chris.

Chris has turned his stroke experience into a book as well, to encourage other stroke survivors to “just get on with it”.

The NHS also published his experiences in booklet form.

“My consultant says my writing was probably triggered by the stroke, said Chris.

“Mind you, my sister says I was always good at elaborating a story to get out of trouble.”

As well as writing his books, Chris is still involved with the flying school he set up and in the past year has become a volunteer at Caistor Arts and Heritage Centre, where he is also one of the directors.

It is at the Caistor Arts and Heritage Centre that Chris will be holding a meet-the-author event on Thursday, December 8, between 10am and 4pm, when he will be meeting people and signing his books. .

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