Call for action after complaints about 'stink' from Skegness eco lake

The Mayor of Skegness has been praised for leaping to action over the ‘stink’ coming from the eco lake on the seafront during the heatwave.

A duck in blue algae in the eco lake in Skegness.
A duck in blue algae in the eco lake in Skegness.

With just days before the schools break up for the summer holidays, families cooling off at the Fairy Dell paddling pool had to contend with a ‘foul’ smell coming from the blue algae growing in the nearby lake.

Former councillor John Byford posted shocking images on social media of the lake filled with the algae and a duck struggling to get out, commenting: “I feel totally sick.

"The local authority (ELDC) should be ashamed.

The blue algae stretches up to the boating lake in Skegness and is close to the Fairy Dell.

"The smell coming from this is atrocious mess is absolutely horrendous – and all within 10 yards of the children’s Fairy Dell paddling pool.

"Skegness has been abandoned.”

Mayor Coun Tony Tye quickly responded that he had been in touch with ELDC regarding this. He told our newspaper he had been reassured by ELDC that the situation would be dealt with by the weekend.

"ELDC are aware of the problem but from, what I have been told, they have been struggling to get what they need to deal with the algae,” he said. “However they are hoping to get a delivery before the weekend.”

Mr Byford praised Coun Tye for “turning up quickly and making several calls to the authority to “sort the mess out”.

"Those in charge really need to walk Skegness and see first hand the problems we have, rather than keep painting a pretty picture of the resort.”

Among the many comments on social media agreeing the state of the lake and the foreshore in general was unacceptable, was one from Darren North.

He asked: “What is happening to Skegness? “It’s still in 1922 not 2022.

"Local people have to cut grass and maintain Skegness and Winthorpe cemeteries, bowling greens that were once pristine are a total mess, no lights switch-on or proper investment as far as I can see.

"I feel sorry for local businesses who try and tract people to the town.”

East Lindsey District Council told our newspaper their teams “started treating and cleaning as soon as the incident was reported”.

“The boating lake, as in previous years, is proactively pre-treated with a non-toxic chemical designed to specifically reduce the spread of algae and has previously worked well in our council-owned waterways,” a spokesperson said.

“The unprecedented, extreme temperatures we have experienced in recent days has created a situation we could not envisage in that it has effectively beaten the pre-treatment, causing the algae to bloom at a rapid rate.

“The waterway has been treated today with a further dose of non-harmful chemical and will likely be treated again in the coming days if the circumstances require further treatment. Signs have been put in place warning people to stay away from the water – this also applies to their pets.

“Due to the warm temperatures forecast to remain for the rest of the week we are proactively keeping a close eye on all our council-owned waterways and if any further action is identified, we will act accordingly.”