Call to move Caistor’s ‘deadliest’ crossing

‘You are asking for someone to be killed’; a professional driver has raised concerns over a crossing in Caistor after he encountered two ‘near misses’ just weeks apart.
Concerns have been raised on the positioning of this crossing in Caistor EMN-190122-091945001Concerns have been raised on the positioning of this crossing in Caistor EMN-190122-091945001
Concerns have been raised on the positioning of this crossing in Caistor EMN-190122-091945001

Marc Dowse says the crossing in the town’s High Street is in the wrong place, and he has particular concerns as it gives access to the town’s Co-op store and town hall from the main part of town.

Speaking to councillors at last month’s meeting, Mr Dowse told of the first incident, describing it as ‘chilling’.

He said: “I was coming through the market place and turning left at the T-junction.

“I looked up the hill (to the right) and there was nothing coming; I pulled out and I am sure the lady in question had been leant up against the wall and she just walked straight out ...ending with her hands on the bonnet of my van.

“What a close call.”

Mr Dowse says the crossing is too near to the junction and with it being a busy road, people stand back (away from the pavement edge) to be safe.

However, turning out of the market place, the building on the corner blocks a clear view of the crossing and with cars coming in the other direction, it is hard to swing out too far.

Independent haulier Mr Dowse went on to describe the second incident, where he was driving on the main road and a van pulled out of the market place - and crossed his path - obscuring the view of a pedestrian going on to the crossing.

Mr Dowse added: “Luckily, I was doing a very low speed, so I managed to stop; my lorry was empty, but loaded, she would have been under the front end.

“It is the deadliest crossing I have come across ...... you are asking for someone to be killed.

“The crossing needs to be moved, or it needs lights.”

Mr Dowse also raised an issue with the traffic lights further up High Street, just before a sharp bend, which, when red, force lorry issues.

He added: “Having to stop uphill with a 44-tonne load is an absolute nightmare; if the lights were a bit further down the hill, we could have a bit of a run before having to turn the corner.”

Since the meeting, Caistor town clerk, Jim Hanrahan has made Lincolnshire Highways aware of Mr Dowse’s concerns.

Having looked into the concerns raised, the local Highways manager told the Rasen Mail: “The crossing is clearly visible to vehicles leaving the market place and there is already stop signage at this junction.

“In addition, all the road markings were refreshed last April.

“In light of this, no changes are currently planned, but we will keep an eye on the situation.”