Campaigning for Red Arrows to stay in county

Lincolnshire County Council is backing calls to keep the Red Arrows in the county once their Scamption base closes.

The Red Arrows

Council leader, Martin Hill, has written to the Secretary of State for Defence, Penny Mordaunt, asking for her help in keeping the team in the county.

Coun Hill said: “This is something local people are passionately campaigning for, with thousands signing a petition to keep the team at in their home county.

“Aside from the county’s close historical ties, this is also the best option both operationally and economically.

“Firstly, we offer an ideal training location – not only do we have the available airspace, we have the high-quality housing and schools needed by the crew and their families.”

Coun Hill continued: “Looking at the economic considerations, aviation heritage is a cornerstone of Lincolnshire’s tourism sector and visitors are often drawn by the chance of seeing the Red Arrows in action in the skies.

“In addition, the county has a growing defence technology sector, with close links to the RAF, including the Red Arrows themselves.

“Not only are these businesses vital to the creation of the high-quality jobs needed to drive local growth, but they ensure the UK retains its global reputation for innovation in aerospace technologies.

“Finally, the Red Arrows have been important ambassadors for our county, and recently played a central role in a major trade visit from the governor of Hunan, China.

“Taking all these factors into account, we are sure the Secretary of State will agree that, of the three short-listed bases, RAF Waddington is the obvious choice for the Red Arrows’ new home.”