Cancer-stricken Demi will head to Texas '˜next week' to begin treatment

The mother of Demi Knight, the cancer-stricken youngster from Louth, has said she has now been able to book flights to Texas for experimental treatment thanks to the fundraising efforts of the Louth community and beyond.
Demi Knight with her mum, Mel.Demi Knight with her mum, Mel.
Demi Knight with her mum, Mel.

Late yesterday evening, Demi’s mum, Mel, said: “We’ve managed to get enough funding together to get us out to Texas and to get treatment started next week!

“We’ve had to cut some corners and borrow some money, but by doing this has enabled us to get Demi to Texas a lot sooner.

“I can’t sit back anymore, I’ve got to get my girl out there now! But we really need the funding to carry on the way it is doing.

“It’s thanks to all of you that have been supporting us and donating that we’ve managed to get enough together to get Demi out there!

“The flights are now booked!”

Addressing the members of the ‘Help Save Demi’s Life’ Facebook group, Mel added: “We couldn’t have done this without all you amazing incredible people.

“Please keep on helping us to raise awareness of Demi’s campaign and how important it is that we continue to raise this money in order to get her to where she needs to be - and that’s back to being a typical cheeky 11 year old girl who wants nothing more than to live a normal happy and healthy life.”

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