Car dealer in Mablethorpe shows your cars can be sent to the skip - Literally!

As car dealers across the county show that the major car scrappage scheme is back once again - a Mablethorpe business has gone one step further!

A Mablethorpe car dealership is taking the scrappage scheme literally.

John Handley’s Seacroft Ford car dealership is making sure the town knows about the scrappage scheme. With a car placed in a skip itself, it is certainly not easy to miss.

Sales manager at Seacroft Ford, Liam Norman said: “Putting a car in the skip, is our own way of highlighting the recent decision by Ford to bring back the scrappage scheme on selected cars.”

The scheme allows drivers to trade in their old cars for cash as an incentive to have more fuel efficient vehicles out on the roads.

Each individual car dealer will have their own terms and conditions regarding what makes of cars can be scrapped and the cash you will get back from them.

For more information about the scheme, contact your local dealer.