Car parking spaces in Gainsborough set to increase by 43 per cent

Exciting plans to boost the number of car parking spaces in Gainsborough have been revealed by West Lindsey District Council.

The local authority has been working closely with developers to invest in a hotel, housing and businesses in the town centre over the last few years.

As work starts to take shape with the new Lidl Supermarket being built and demolition of the former Sun Inn to create a purpose built Travelodge, the council has produced a car parking strategy for Gainsborough. This will increase the number of spaces by 43 per cent over the next two years.

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Coun Sheila Bibb Chairman of the Prosperous Communities Committee at the council said: “We recognise that sufficient car parking is a crucial part of our exciting plans for the regeneration of town.

“We have listened to residents and local businesses and we believe our new car parking strategy for Gainsborough will support their needs.

“From September this year, 30 new spaces will be made available in the Bridge Street Car Park and six will be available in North Street Car Park. We are also pushing ahead with long term plans for new car parks to be developed and spaces acquired up 2021 in line with demand.”

The strategy also aims to deliver new long stay car parking at the former Lidl site from November, 30 new spaces in the Roseway Car Park by September 2018 and a further 140 car parking spaces across the town as the town centre develops from 2020.

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In addition, the council is looking to put parking permits back on sale again from April 2018, which previously were halted due to high level of demand for the service.

The new Lidl store will also provide a further 130 spaces free for 90 mins from November.

Eve Fawcett-Moralee, director of Economic and Commercial Growth at West Lindsey District Council, said: “We are delighted to see that work will be starting on the demolition and build of the new hotel next week.

“We are aware that there will be a temporary reduction in the number of car parking spaces in the Roseway Car Park during the construction of the new hotel due to access needed on the site.

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“I’m pleased we have been able to get extra spaces available in Bridge Street and North Street and would ask people to be patient with us during this time.Once building work is complete Roseway will benefit from 30 extra spaces.”

Alternative parking options are available during the demolition and build, which is expected to take 48 weeks. They will be displayed both in the car park itself and on the council’s website.