Caring Holly is a winner!

A CARING Worksop teenager has been awarded a Guardian Rose for being a much-needed voice on the end of the phone.

Holly Higgins become a volunteer with WRVS in Worksop last September.

And since then the 18-year-old has been calling elderly local resident Carole Moorhouse once a week without fail.

“Holly is our youngest volunteer and she’s been calling Carole since September,” said WRVS service manager Videlle Hamlet who nominated Holly for the award. “Carole has told us how fantastic Holly has been. She is going off to university next month but intends to keep in touch with Carole.”

And that single phone call lasting just half an hour each week has made a huge difference for 72-year-old Carole.

“Holly’s phonecall is something for me to look forward to every week,” she said.

“I know a lot more about ipads and computers and things like that than I did before.”

“She is a very good listener and a good conversationalist. I don’t get out too much so having someone to chat to every week makes a real difference.”

And despite there being over 50 years between them, the pair have never struggled to find something to talk about.

“We always have lots to talk about and I look forward to our weekly chats as much as Carole does,” she said.

“I like to hear all about her poetry and creative writing. Its only about half an hour a week - it’s not long but it’s plenty of time to have a really good chat.”

Holly had been looking for an opportunity to do some volunteering when she heard about the befriending service on the radio on the way home from school one day.

“I would definitely recommend it to other people my age,” she said. “It is great for younger people as it something you can do from you own home but you are still helping people.”

“As well as helping people you are also learning new skills, which I will always have and will help me through life.”

WRVS always wants to hear from new volunteers who have a little time to spare.

“You just need to be a good listener with half an hour a week to spare. We pay any expenses back so no one is out of pocket and full straining and support is given,” said Videlle.

To volunteer with WRVS on the befriending scheme, or in any other way, call 01909 484437 or email [email protected]