Carlton-in-Lindrick: Woman speaks of terror after homes are evacuated in the face of huge blaze

A woman has spoken of her terror after being woken up late at night by police and fire services telling her to evacuate her house as fire threatened to engulf it.

Adele Joynson's car was burnt out in a fire outside her home in Carlton-in-Lindrick
Adele Joynson's car was burnt out in a fire outside her home in Carlton-in-Lindrick

Adele Joynson, of Cotswold Court in Carlton-in-Lindrick was asleep at her home at late on Sunday night (11th May) when she was woken by the sound of banging on the door.

“I went to the door and it was the police telling me to get myself and everyone else in the house out on to the street as there was a fire,” she said.

“There was already smoke in the house so I just got out and was standing in the street in my pyjamas.”

When she got outside, Mrs Joynson saw that her car was ablaze, along with her next door neighbour’s van.

The guttering on the outbuilding of Mrs Joynson’s property was also alight and the flames were poised to spread to the main property.

“They were almost at the point of setting light to the part of the house where the front bedroom is, that’s my son’s bedroom, so it was so nearly even worse,” continued Mrs Joynson.

“The emergency services evacuated the whole street, we were all out there in our pyjamas and it was terrifying.”

An investigation into the cause of the fire has now started and Mrs Joynson believes it was deliberate.

“It was my car on fire and I believe it was started deliberately,” she said.

“I just want to know who would do such a thing and endanger people’s lives like that?”

“I have lost my car and I can’t get a courtesy one so I am having to borrow a neighbour’s car to get my son to school in Worksop.”

“I just hope the police find whoever is responsible as soon as possible.”

A police spokesman confirmed that they had received a call about the incident and would be speaking to Mrs Joynson shortly as part of the ongoing investigation.