CASE FOR CHANGE FEATURE: '˜Important to consider fewer sites' for maternity

A number of patients have raised concerns that Maternity and Children's Services could be consolidated into one site '“ and the Case For Change admits it '˜is important to consider it'.


The report says that across Lincolnshire there are just over 7,000 births a year, with 5,500 of those taking plact at United Lincolnshires Hospitals Trust (ULHT) facilities in Lincoln and Boston.

It states that national guidance recommends that in large urban areas 6,000 births are needed on a single site per year ‘to maintain clinical safety’ and quotes the National Maternity Review 2016 which said that 60 per cent of births are normal and only need the support of midwifes.

The report states: “We will be exploring how we can use the best national and international practice to move as much care closer to home as possible, but where it is necessary to travel to get a service we will need to make sure that the service is excellent and that the women and children of Lincolnshire get services that are as good as the best.

“This will involve moving away from some of our very traditional ways of doing things but will give women more choice and control during their pregnancy and ensure that children get the services that are right for them.”

In Boston, an SOS Pilgrim Group has been set up to combat services moving away from the town.

A petition set up by the group has had more than 9,750 signatures - close to the 10,000 target needed for a Government response.