CASE FOR CHANGE FEATURE: Lincolnshire could have '˜centres of excellence'

The Case for Change outlines plans to set up '˜centres of excellence' around the county.


It says that due to the rural nature of the county, the spread of the population and the shortage of staff ‘it is vital that we bring together our key services across fewer sites’.

These centres could provide specialist services such as mental health, cancer, stroke and vascular - and would follow an example set by Lincoln Hospital which is a centre for heart disease.

The report says: “We are one of the biggest cancer services in the country but our fragmented service means patients attend multiple appointments over a number of weeks.

“A Centre of Excellence would mean we could offer a one-stop service where you can get test results, see your hospital consultant and surgeon, and get support from a Cancer Nurse Specialist all on one day.”

The service would work with other hospitals outside the county.