CASE FOR CHANGE FEATURE: Pressure as A&E demand is left '˜higher than capacity'

Accident and Emergency departments in Lincoln, Boston and Grantham are under pressure from demand which is '˜higher than capacity', according to the report.


It says the demand is leading to ‘long waiting times and failure to meet national standards’ - adding that many patients do not need to visit A&E.

In Grantham, which has been reported to be effectively acting as an Urgent Care Centre - residents have been campaigning for it to be returned to a full A&E department.

However, in order to reduce visits to A&E departments one of the options in LHAC’s plan is to ‘increase the numbers’ of walk-in Urgent Care Centres.

It also suggests improving community crisis response and bringing together services in the community.

County and district councillor Coun Ray Wootten, who has campaigned on health issues in the area, has already criticised the report as ‘lacking in detail.

He said: “I am disappointed that after waiting over two years for this report to be published it is lacking in detail with regards to the future of Grantham Hospital.

“After repeated words of reassurance from present and past chief executive’s of ULHT about the future of our hospital there is nothing in this report that gives me confidence that the healthcare for the residents of Grantham and surrounding district are going to be catered for.”

LHAC has been approached for a response to Coun Wootten’s comments.