Cash for Air Ambulance after Paul's accident

The family of a man who was rescued by the Lincs and Notts Air Ambulance - after being badly injured in an accident at work - has raised hundreds of pounds for the charity.

Paul Willoughby suffered a terrible accident last summer when he fell through a barn shed roof in Market Stainton, landing heavily on the ground 20 feet below.

The father-of-three, from Benniworth, broke his pelvis in two places, and also fractured his right wrist and his left ankle. He also suffered deep bruising of his arms, neck and legs.

The Lincs and Notts Air Ambulance rushed to the scene, and Paul was swiftly taken to Hull Royal Infirmary where he underwent nine hours in surgery while plates and screws were inserted.

After a week at the Royal Infirmary, he was transferred to Lincoln County Hospital, where he spent a further six days. He was then discharged home with a ‘Patslide’ patient transfer board, and he had to use a wheelchair for the next eight weeks.

Paul’s wife, Laura, who works at Lincoln County Hospital, said: “The whole experience was terrifying. I received the call that day from Paul’s dad, and Paul doesn’t remember a lot about it.

“We have three small children – Lily-Mae (9), George (6) and Honey (2) - who had to be told by Grandma that their daddy had been in an accident.

“George seemed to be affected most by it, as he spends a lot of time with Paul down the farm.”

Paul returned to work on light duties at the beginning of October last year. More than 12 months later, he has just finished physiotherapy and is making good progress.

Laura said: “To thank the Air Ambulance team, I organised a raffle fundraiser at work which was held on May 11. It was a great success and we managed to raise £661.

“As a family, we went to meet the crew and see the new ‘Ambucopter’ this summer, which was wonderful.

“We thanked the crew for all their help that day, with a special mention of thanks to Dr Simon Topham of Wragby Surgery, who also arrived at the scene as the LIVES doctor on call that day.