Cat’s eye removed after shooting

The RSPCA is appealing for information after a cat had to have his eye removed after he was shot with an air rifle.

The incident was believed to have happened on Wednesday 13th June in the Snipe Park Woods in Bircotes.

The cat was discovered the next day by his concerned owner, and originally it was thought the four-year-old tabby cat could have been run over.

But after an x-ray it was discovered the cat had been shot with an air rifle and the cat’s eye had to be removed.

Vets decided it was too dangerous to remove the pellet which had become lodged near to his tonsils and dangerously near to the cat’s arteries.

The cat is now believed to be doing very well in adapting to life with one eye.

RSPCA inspector Keith Ellis said the incident was a disgrace.

“It is absolutely vital that if anyone saw anything suspicious or knows of anyone shooting at animals in the area that they come forward with information,” he said.

“People cannot be allowed to get away with causing such awful injuries.”

The RSPCA received 201 reports of cats being shot in 2011.

There have also been reports that squirrels in the area have also been found dead in the woods.

Anyone with information is urged to call the RSPCA cruelty line on 0300 123 8018..

Those found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal can face a maximum six-month prison sentence, or a potential £20,000 fine.