CCTV improvement work in Spilsby nears completion

Spilsby will soon become a safer place to live and work following the updating of the CCTV system.
Franklin Hall in Spilsby. ANL-161111-150755001Franklin Hall in Spilsby. ANL-161111-150755001
Franklin Hall in Spilsby. ANL-161111-150755001

The final work is due to be completed by the end of the month. 
This will mean that the information recorded can be downloaded and footage retrieved from the cameras accessed within the town clerk’s office at Franklin Hall in Halton Road.

Spilsby Town Council wants to reassure residents the work has not been carried out because the system had not been working.

Town clerk Bonny Smith said the reason for the update was due to health and safety issues in the retrieval of the information.

She said: “The Town Council would like to confirm that the CCTV has never been non-operational.

“Had there been a serious incident, then it would have been possible to go to the individual recording device and retrieve the necessary information.

“There was an incidence of the uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) battery failing at one site. 
“This has now been replaced along with all the UPS batteries at the other sites within the town.”

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