CHANGE OF DATE: Exhibition marks 100 years of RAF in Lincolnshire

UPDATE: Due to the adverse weather conditions, this exhibition has changed dates. It will now be open on Wednesday March 7 (from 2pm-7pm), Thursday March 8 (from 10am-4pm) and Friday March 9 (from 9am-12pm). The teams are working hard to make sure that the exhibition will still go ahead despite the weather.

Aircrew pictured in front of F2B plane. EMN-180227-155319001

Original article:

A special exhibition is coming to the Lincolnshire Wolds this weekend, as part of events marking the 100th anniversary of the RAF in Lincolnshire.

‘Bastion in the Air: Heroes of the Airfields’ will be on display at the Old School on the South Ormsby Estate.

The Heroes of the Airfields exhibition will include replica uniforms, display boards and a scale model of a Sopwith Camel, which was built in Lincolnshire.

The travelling exhibition has been organised by Aviation Heritage Lincolnshire, with the support of the Heritage Lottery Fund and local authorities across Lincolnshire.

Brian Riley, Aviation Project Support Officer at Lincolnshire County Council and Aviation Heritage Lincolnshire says the county’s World War One aviation heritage is often overlooked.

Mr Riley said: “Lots of people think of Lincolnshire’s enormous contribution in the Second World War through aviation, but not many people know that Lincolnshire was one of the world’s biggest centres of aviation manufacturing during the Great War.

“Even before the RAF existed, aircraft that were built in Lincolnshire were being used by the Royal Flying Corps and Royal Naval Air Service.

“It’s really important that people are aware of Lincolnshire’s contributions to aviation history and the defence of the nation.

“Heroes of the Airfields showcases the amazing achievements of these early aviators who fought bravely in the skies over Europe.

“Hopefully, this will help to raise awareness of this very important part of our county’s heritage”.

As well as illustrating the history of First World War aviation, visitors will be invited to share their own memories and family stories of the RAF.

Karen Edwards, Lead Tourism Officer at East Lindsey District Council says the exhibition at South Ormsby is an important part of the county’s wider RAF 100 celebrations.

Ms Edwards said: “The Bastion in the Air travelling exhibitions aim to bring the RAF 100 commemorations to people in all areas across Lincolnshire.

“Visitors will be able to learn about the people, the aircraft and the events that surrounded the creation of the RAF.

“People we’ve spoken to around South Ormsby are really excited for this exhibition to come to their area, and I’m sure they will have lots of stories about the RAF which will be great to hear.”

It is hoped that the Old School on South Ormsby Estate will increasingly be used for cultural activities and community use.

To help the venue, the estate is appealing for volunteers who would like to gain experience in heritage exhibitions and on-going projects.

If you would like to volunteer, please contact Joe Blissett from the South Ormsby Estate via [email protected] or by calling 01507 311445 or click here

• Other events for Bastion in the Air include a second touring exhibition, Heroines of the Home Front, an exhibition at The Collection in Lincoln titled Lincolnshire: Bastion in the Air, 1915-18, and a recreation of a World War One airfield at RAF Scampton.