‘Chaps’ sessions in Louth and Horncastle promote healthy eating for men

Cooking healthy food in a simple way while meeting new friends – that’s just a couple of the benefits of taking part into a community activity for men across East Lindsey.

Marko Humphrey (centre) at the sessions alongside Russel Stocks and Martin Daly.

Last week, on national Nutrition Week, the ‘CHAPS’ sessions were highlighted by the community arm of the Magna Vitae Trust for Leisure and Culture, which is running them as part of a TED-funded programme to encourage healthy eating and living among men, particularly those over 50.

Magna Vitae nutritionist Marko Humphrey takes charge of the kitchen at the Trinity Centre in Louth every Monday from 1pm until around 3pm.

There is an open invitation for men to go along, have a chat, and go through simple cookery – with the best thing being, they can take the goods home for tea!

Marko explained: “The aim is to show people, who may be wary of cooking or lack confidence, that there are some very simple and easy ways to follow healthy recipes using simple fresh ingredients and straight-forward methods.”

Visitors to the Trinity Centre spent one session making lasagne – using all fresh produce and making their red and white sauces. Other dishes have included healthy corned-beef hash, fish pie, cottage pie, risotto and bread and butter pudding.

Andrew Graham, 45, from Louth, was visiting for the first time. He said: “It has been very good, and I will certainly be back again.

Similar sessions are also running in Horncastle every Monday from 10am until noon at the town’s Youth Centre.

Contact Marko on 01507 613443 or email [email protected]

One of Marko’s healthy recipes that you can try at home:

• Take 200-grammes of 50/50 (the healthy option) pasta and pop into a large pan with three of your favourite vegetables. I like cauliflower, diced carrot or squash and a leek.

• Add a litre of whole milk (if you are older the full milk gives you the vital calories you need to stay healthy).

• Crumble up a stock cube into the same pan and add a bay leaf for flavour if you have one, along with half a teaspoon of ground nutmeg and a bit of pepper.

• Put all of that onto a heat and bring to the boil. Then simmer until all the milk has been absorbed by the pasta (this will usually take between 15 and 20 minutes).

• Grate some cheese (100 grammes) and stir it through with a pinch of garlic for flavour if you wish.

• If you want to add meat you can stir some diced ham or diced cooked chicken through it.