Charity collaboration set to help Lincolnshire people in need

A quartet of local causes have joined together in a special collaboration to help provide food and clothing for those in need, without judgement.

A charity collaboration has recently been set up to help even more Lincolnshire people in need.

The Rucksack Project, Life Tree World, We Are One and The Trinity Centre have all come together for the first time in order to help more people across the Lincolnshire area.

The causes are spread between Louth and Grimsby and they all have their own individual target areas.

But they have all decided to join together for the first time to build on the work they already do and to go even further, helping and supporting more people in the area than ever before.

Life Tree World is an online brand that specialises in finding the best way to shop for the everyday essential items you need, in the easiest way possible.

They have teams that help with this all over the country, but The Lincolnshire Team, Global Constellation decided to donate some of their items to these three local causes.

Team director, Claire Dixon said: “Our team decided collectively that it would be a good idea to give something back to our local community and provide three very worthy causes with food we no longer needed. This is our first donation and we hope to do more in the future.”

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