Christmas rush continues for Mid UK Recycling

A recycling company is still experiencing the Christmas rush as more materials than ever pass through its sites.
Mid-UK RecyclingMid-UK Recycling
Mid-UK Recycling

Mid UK Recycling usually expects to receive around 1,500 tonnes a week of the county’s household waste for recycling. But last week it took in 1,000 tonnes in just two 

Among the waste coming through Mid UK’s recycling plants at Caythorpe and the Copperhill Industrial Estate at Barkston are wrapping paper, gift packaging, food containers, plastic milk bottles and drinks bottles, sweet containers and plenty of glass bottles.

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Chris Mountain, managing director at Mid UK Recycling, said: “For us post- Christmas is our busiest time. The fact so many households in Lincolnshire are now recycling what they can is great news. Obviously for most households the amount of rubbish they produce increases three or four times during the Christmas and New Year period and this year we have definitely seen an increase in how much of that has been recycled through their local authorities.”

Mr Mountain added: “There is a distinct change in the content of the waste we recycle at this time of year. “It’s really interesting to see what comes in. Every piece of waste goes through a sorting process where recyclables are segregated and baled to be sent on again for recycling into new products.”

As well as household recycling, Mid UK Recycling also takes in real Christmas trees from Lincolnshire and Rutland councils, which it turns into compost. This is used by local farmers to improve the soil on which they grow ryegrass that then fuels a new anaerobic digestion plant between Stamford and Grantham.

“Recycling has got off to a fantastic start in 2017 and one the county should be proud of,” added Chris.